from builder grade to custom finished: backsplash

An easy way to elevate your builder grade kitchen is to add a timeless stone backsplash. Often times a backsplash is an upgrade when building a new home or there are limited options that might not stand the test of time. What we found with building our home was that the mark-up on the tile plus labor was astronomical. We could get a mosaic marble stone plus replace the builder grade hood with a custom hood for the same price the builder wanted for a porcelain subway tile alone. This was a no brainer for us.

The biggest challenge was finding a professional to do the tile work took forever. Once we finally got someone to return our phone calls there was a three month wait-list. Meanwhile, we ordered our vent hood from a company that custom builds vent hoods to your required specifications and had a painter paint it in lieu of ordering it with a custom paint match that was very pricey $$$. Tip: Your local Sherwin Williams will mix custom matched cabinet paint at no additional charge. We saved about $500 on this step. Then after the tile was completed we hung the vent hood ourselves. We still plan to build out the cabinets to the ceiling for a more custom look and I plan to share that process when we start but in the meantime I will also share how we did it in our previous home in an additional post.

The before and after really shows how a backsplash can totally change the feel of your kitchen. Not to mention to the difference the custom hood made. We saved thousands of dollars by not having the builder add these upgraded customizations and so can you. (Seller note: adding these upgrades also adds value to your home for resale. Find ways to add value without breaking the bank. Need tips or ideas? Send me a message in the work with me section.)

**The name of this series is builder grade to custom finished. Custom finished means to finish according to customer specifications therefore I believe that when you customize or personalize your home to your personal specifications you are adding custom finishes. This doesn’t mean changing paint colors or carpeting. This is adding custom wood finishes that you hand choose such as a custom hood, wood moldings, casings, crown molding, custom cabinetry, built-in shelving, etc.

with love, natasha

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