Tips for Thursday: Cleaning

Keeping a clean and tidy house is a constant and continuous effort. Everyone I talk to has a different method for keeping their home clean. I like to break down this checklist over a couple of days. Usually, I’ll either complete upstairs one day and then downstairs the next. I like to clean the kitchen on Thursdays so that it is clean for the weekend. Of course, I tidy the kitchen nightly doing dishes and wiping counters but I save the deeper cleaning such as cleaning of appliances, mopping, etc. for my weekly cleaning. Sometimes I’ll power clean for an event and sometimes I’ll do one room a day. A mindset that allows flexibility and grace is important.

Cleaning can feel overwhelming especially with all the kid activities, working full-time or being a single parent. If you are anything like me being able to mark your completed items off of a list feels good. Even if you complete this list bi-weekly at first take one room category a day and complete that list. Progress is the goal not perfection.

with love, natasha

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